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Concrete floors aren’t the most beautiful to look at but are often a necessary component of showrooms, lobbies, and other commercial spaces because of their durability. Any space with a significant amount of foot traffic or constant movement of heavy items requires the heavy-duty properties concrete can provide. But how do you make these spaces look inviting when the flooring is a dull, drab gray? The answer is concrete polishing. At Wisconsin Concrete Coatings, we can perform this service to give your flooring a glossy look thats more aesthetically pleasing than the standard concrete floor. The polishing process involves a highly specialized form of grinding to bring out a shine and make your space look more professional. Call us today to discuss this service and discover what we can do for you.

Polished Concrete floor

Grind & Shine Concrete Floor Polishing Service in Wisconsin

Looking to transform the interior of your home or commercial property into a sleek, sophisticated space? Our Grind & Shine polishing service is the answer you’ve been seeking. Ideal for those who crave the striking look of clear coated polished and sealed concrete, this service delivers on both aesthetics and durability.
From lively shops to cozy living rooms, and from faded or lackluster stained concrete to brand-new constructions, Grind & Shine works its magic everywhere. Picture it in action at coffee shops, bakeries, convenience stores, and bustling restaurants, wherever a touch of elegance and resilience is needed.
What sets our service apart is our specially formulated water-based polyurethane that ensures a smooth, polished finish. Not only does this solution offer more cost-effectiveness and durability compared to standard mechanical polishing, but it also comes backed by a solid 5-year warranty. UV stable, stain-resistant, and built to protect surfaces, our clear coat seal guarantees enduring beauty.

Polished floor

Our Polishing Process

Curious about the process? We grind the surface of your existing floor using high-grit polishing tools, then we vacuum the surface and apply the clear coat seal. The result? A surface thats dry to the touch in just 7-9 hours, with light foot traffic allowed after 24 hours, and full cure achieved within 3-5 days.
Its important to note that while our process transforms your space, embedded stains and defects will still be subtly visible through the clear coat. The finished appearance is influenced by the concretes unique characteristics, aggregate, and substrate, adding an element of unpredictability and charm to the final polished surface.
Get ready to experience a world of refined aesthetics and robust protection with Wisconsin Concrete Coatings Grind & Shine polishing service. Your space, your style, magnified. Book your service today.

Polished floor


Heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear can leave your concrete flooring looking less than impressive. Concrete often has a flat and dull surface and daily use can only make this worse, giving your space the feeling of an old garage or warehouse, instead of the feeling of an inviting place of business. Welcome your visitors and potential customers into your space with new and improved glossy floors that closely resemble the look of polished stone. Our concrete polishing services allow you to choose the level of sheen you want, from a more subtle glow to a high-gloss.


Many retail, warehouse, and office spaces have discovered that polished concrete can be just as pleasing to the eye as marble, granite, tile, or linoleum, without the additional cost. An added bonus is the durability of concrete, especially if you are moving large, heavy objects around every day. With our polishing services, you get the beauty, without sacrificing the function. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our polishing options.

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